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8,300 miles.

eBike Odyssey is the ultimate eBike ride – stretching over 8,300 miles (13,500 km) from Alaska to Panama. Once completed, it would qualify as the world record for the longest eBike ride.

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“I want to convince more people to exercise and to dream of taking an adventure out of their comfort zone. That’s my goal.”

Robert Fletcher - Adventure Cyclist

Robert & Wayne's Route

The journey will begin in the city of North Pole, Alaska, an ostensibly Christmas-themed town just outside of Fairbanks on July 4th, 2022.

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From there, it would take five months to pedal the EVELO eBike through the interior of Alaska, across Canada’s British Columbia, down the western seaboard of the U.S., through the length of Mexico and across several Central American countries. His final destination is Panama City, Panama.

In total, the route will cross nine countries and cover approximately 13,500 km (8.388.5 mi). 

As Robert reflects on his planning of the journey:

“One of the first things I undertook for the planning was to select a route and layout a day-by-day itinerary to know where I would be each day and how long the journey would take. 
In 2015 I did a similar ride from Anchorage, Alaska, to Mexico City, 10,400 km, over four months with TDA Global Cycling.
 For this trip, I wanted the route to cover new areas than the previous trip. That is why I am coming down the center of British Columbia and along the Pacific coast of the USA. The previous trip had us riding down the Baja so that the new route would take us along the eastern side of the Sea of Cortez. From Mazatlan to Nicaragua, I will follow the path used by TDA Global Cycling.”

Inspired by his Santa-themed start point and his expected arrival time close to Christmas, Fletcher will be toting $200 in gifts with him to Panama, where he says he plans on giving them out to local children. He’s also started writing a book on the effort, which he’s calling ‘Octogenarian Odyssey: Trading the Sofa for a Bicycle Seat.’

Robert and his riding partner, Wayne, will be using two EVELO electric bikes to complete their journey.

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